The first version of prognosis module of the Russian spine registry

Dear colleagues! At the moment the prognosis will be carried out in a semiautomatic mode. Prognosis results will be sent to your specified e-mail address. The response time should not exceed 48 hours.
Prognosis results will include conclusions based on the use of the basic algorithms; method called "algorithms voting” will be applied.
It is important to understand that the prognosis results cannot be overestimated. The results of the prognosis cannot be regarded as indications for a particular surgery for degenerative lumbar spine disease.
Prognosis should only be seen as a part of the decision making process or an additional support when selecting the optimal surgical treatment of a degenerative lumbar spine disease for a particular patient."
In some cases, the prognosis results can serve as a tool to assert with confidence that a particular method of surgical treatment with a high probability to be ineffective and thus to stimulate further discussion of surgical strategy.
We kindly requested that you answer all of the prognosis module questions carefully and indicate your place of work, your department name, and fully planned surgery type.